Good evening Gentleman, I am planning a comprehensive install regarding the clutch; I then realized that this would also be the convenient time to place the JHM "test pipes" and JHM tune (since the trans. would be removed). Not that the test pipe install must have the trans. removed, but surely it Must be easier. I'm sourcing all the necessary clutch install parts from ECS tuning including their brand LW flywheel. (flywheel and clutch kits come with hardware/bolts) So, I'm putting together my list in the shopping cart and I realized that the transmission bell housing bolts would probably also be a good idea to have at the ready. They advise two uses only, and mine are original , so I would technically be ok, but I thought I better have them ready to go during this adventure. I've been wrenching for years, but after reading the ECS tuning install guide for the LW flywheel and clutch install, I'm definitely going to be prepared!

I started looking on the ECS site, but couldn't find the bolts as I didn't have the part numbers. Even after a search here on Audizine, I couldn't find part numbers for the S5 . I then stumbled onto the Jim Ellis Audi web-site and found quite the list, but out of the Eleven bolts listed, Each one had three choices! (different lengths and thread pitch). So, I needed to verify these part numbers and ECS helped me out. Since I couldn't find any listed here on Audizine for the 4.2L S5, I thought I would post these bolt sizes (lengths per ECS flywheel install manual) and Part Numbers ! One of them is steel, the ten others are Aluminum stretch bolts. Lets face it, they are not the most critical bolts on a engine / transmission, but I sure don't want to get back under there and look for a problem (vibration ; broken bolt , etc.) . So, for you OCD folks , here is the list / part numbers.

1. N10314506 (steel , optional) X1 M10x50
2. N91129601 X5 ; M12x100
3. N91129901 X1 ; M12x125
4. N91150701 X2 ; M10x60
5. N91153201 X2 ; M10x95

Here is a link to the Jim Ellis Audi site also (nice pic and part numbers)

Thanks for all the info. guys, Stefan