Anybody ever made some custom stuff to make them fit?


I want to make some for my lower control arms, like 034 did but I'm not to sure on the size bearing I should use that would work ?


Here's some more spherical action from
Mikes rear lower control arm

I'm just still trying to figure out how to approach it. I haven't made any of these before but, I figure getting the right size bearing is important for each different piece.
Then work around the sizes two machine the spacers to hold them.
My main focus is the front lowers if I can some rears would be nice.
I've got an idea how 034 made there aluminum inserts, with c clip grove on one side to keep bearing from going anywhere. offset on the other side so it rests against a lip.
I asked 034 if I could get the sizes they used for the bearings. Still waiting on reply don't know if they will still have that info or give it out.

Anyone done any work like this care to share ?
Right now I'm just thinking about the bearing size to start with. I'll need to have some misalignment of some sort from m12 to ?? I need to look at the with from one side of the bushing insert to the other as well.

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