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    Memory Seats - What am I doing wrong

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    I am coming from an S7 - I picked up a 2016 S8 Plus Dynamic package etc... - love the car - is anyone else annoyed of where they the seat memory buttons? I keep hitting the off button when opening the door. Anyhow my seats have a mind of their own - I have to off and on hold in the #1 button to get my lumbars to fill up - is there anything I am doing wrong or is this something the dealer needs to look at? I just want my seat the same all the time and not worry about the settings. I never had this issue in my S7

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    Seats should hold pretty consistently. Make sure you aren't alternating between key fobs--or store same settings across both. After that, time for dealer.

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    What is your MMI software version? I was having all manner of goofy things happening with the seats, rear shade, etc etc when I picked up my wife's 2008. Once I upgraded the MMI firmware all of that weird stuff stopped.

    The MMI firmware upgrade also updates a bunch of modules.


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