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    I got his number from another ziner. I text him and he responded right away. Said he had a death in the family, which I can understand can destabilize and get you a bit off track. So I'm giving some wiggle room and extending courtesies. It's the least we can do for someone in that situation.

    However, given the feedback on this forum of him "dragging out" stuff, I am hoping that this will not be the situation here. But only time will tell. I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and expecting him to operate as a professional and do the right thing thing in a timely manner.

    I requested a timeline in which he will resolve the issue and he has not responded to that question yet. But I am going to be optimistic and extend courtesies for now.

    Will update with the progress and outcome.


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    I got the same excuse about a death in the family. But that was already some time ago when I was waiting on him in April ... If its this destabilizing perhaps he should close his fs threads until he can fulfill orders.
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    I've been more than patient and I'd like to think I've been more than reasonable and understanding but I've been waiting since November last year and he is now not replying to my messages at all. I'm pretty confident I will not be getting anything from him nor will I see the 320 dollars I payed to him back. But I was never given to death in the family excuse but if that's true my condolences but I've gotten a lot of other excuses for sure. I even saved our whole conversation via text from day one and I was thinking about posting it to get second opinions to make sure I'm not being unreasonable

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