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    Winter and the dreaded P0171

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    Hello all,

    I've owned my B6 for about 4 years now and every winter I get stuck with the P0171 (System too lean bank 1) code. This winter I've been getting it more often, This started happening when I would be on a long drive and turn the car off to fuel up and then once back on the road the light would come on. This winter I've been getting the light more frequently even after the car has completely cooled down. I've done a boost leak test as well as the soapy water bottle test and I can confirm that I have no leaks.

    I've noticed a small crack on my gasket from cat to DP so I'm looking into changing that but I can't seem to locate a 3 inch gasket anywhere. Would anyone know where I could get one? I will also be changing both my oxygen sensors soon and see if this helps.

    upgrades are listed in my sig.

    Thank you

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