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    Quote Originally Posted by Canvasoso View Post
    Here in the US, all of the newer 2018 RS3's that are coming in are delivered with them on it on the front doors at no extra charge. Not sure about Canada. Maybe Canada retained the red warning lights on the rear of the doors while in the US they took it away so they added the Puddle Lights as "compensation"?
    Canvasoso. tks for the quick reply.

    not sure if it also apply for Canada (hopefully), but I remembered when i checked it in show room back in July/Aug, they dont have those "Audi Sport Puddle Light".

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    I love that we have an Audi rep on the forums:

    It looks like your (RS3) order went through on October 1st and was just submitted to the factory on the 16th of this month. I am showing that it is assigned to complete production in the second week of December. If you would like to check back in around that time I am happy to provide another status update. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanofun View Post
    5 month lurker, 1st real posting. Ordered in early June. Ecstatic to have gotten an available allocation. After months of waiting... It is here! Travel a ton for work, so picking up in a couple of weeks. Just glad to be past the waiting to arrive steps. Now the orders and allocations seem to be flowing... Cheers gang! Happy to be among you.

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    No longer prospective. Picked it up today!

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