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    Urban Creep and the problems that go with it. (Lawyer input welcome)

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    I just watched APEX: The Story of the Hypercar. It is an excellent show that everyone should watch. I got to the part where Koenigsegg abandons the Nurburgring because of the new speed limits from the fatal crash a few years back. They decide to go to SPA instead. Not even halfway through trying to break the record they are red-flagged for being too loud.

    This just gets me mad. Racecars are supposed to be loud. Then it makes me think of all the road courses and drag strips in the US and the World that are in danger because the surrounding area is developed and then the new residents complain about the noise.

    I'm currently taking a real estate course and have learned a few things about easements. I am aware that easements traditionally refer to physically being on the property but I found out that airports usually have what is known as "AVIGATION". This refers to residents being unable to complain of any noise or fumes that come from the airport or airplanes.

    I personally think that racetracks have legal grounds to claim a noise easement. What do you guys think?
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