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    Audi s4 2005.5 b7 rough idle after coming to a stop ,need help

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    Anybody knows how to fix or have ran into a s4 b7 having a slight rough idle after coming to a stop ,no check engine lights ,no misfires ,vehicle runs fine but only slight rough like idle after coming to a stop ,could it be a faulty fuel pump ,or due to a aftermarket fuel filter ,filter been 2port in and 2port out type ,faulty throttle body assembly ,ecm issues [no tune] ,note also will run rough after stop then smooths out sometimes ,any response is welcome from anyone with a idea of what to check,replace or repaired.thanks

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    Mine did this last week. And it ended up being a small vacuum leak in the front of the intake manifold. Not sure if this is what it is, but you can always do a smoke test just to check. Do you hear a hissing sound at all when the engine is on and the hoods up?

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