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    Quote Originally Posted by red4life5 View Post
    Thats what Im saying. I could calibrate everything back easily but the gas gauge. If anyone has tips for that I would gladly switch it all back
    For calibrating, the needle sits at 0/Empty with the car off. I set the needles in place then turned them until I felt some resistance (cluster "installed" without the clear housing in place). I kept turning them in the same direction until they aligned with the 0 mark.

    Turning the ignition on and off would put the needles back at the 0 position. If I was off I would make an adjustment (always adjusting in the direction with resistance if that makes sense).

    I haven't noticed my fuel gauge reading extra full or anything else being out of whack.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ptballer View Post
    Are there two different mmi trim pieces? My mmi screen is larger than the opening on the A5 trim piece.
    I believe so. When I purchased my B8.5 S4 MMI surround the seller asked me to clarify whether or not I had nav. I'm not sure why Audi makes two different screens so similar in size.
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    Thanks for the info. If anyone has a navi mmi trim for sale let me know.

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    So question, can I do this if I don't have nav on my b8?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richieru456 View Post
    So question, can I do this if I don't have nav on my b8?
    Yes you the piece that he ordered that was to small


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    Wow, this swap looks fantastic!!

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