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    Quote Originally Posted by christianb5s4 View Post
    Rematch with the RS3 won't be a true back to back comparison since he's going bigger turbo before the next roll race unfortunately. I went from 24psi and running very rich (due to internal boost leak) to 28psi peak and perfect 11.7-9 AFR, RS3 will be at the 1/2 mile event so we will have a chance to run!

    I am ordering a BBK shortly as well.
    I had the same problem brother. I ended up sourcing an inline 5/8 check valve that will sit horizontal for me. I think this orientation will help the ball no get gunked up (the issue with 034). Any little debris will keep that check valve from closing.

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    Got some logs done last night, realizing that methanol injection is the next logical change to the car. With the heat these motors put off it's going to be worth it for consistency alone, the car is no slouch at the 2.3/2.4 FATs range but want to get the most out of it! Also the damn SSAC passenger side downpipe is rubbing against the trans mount backet which rubbed through the heat wrap. Going to re-wrap it tonight.

    Also hit this milestone while logging:

    Imola 2001 Stage 3 S4: 310K - 2.4sec FATs - Completely Refreshed/Built Motor - SRM K24s w/ Custom Turbosmart wastegates - Clutchmasters Stage 4 - Etspec - Cinesnow WG/Oil Lines - SRM V3 Intercoolers - AA built trans - 4:1 Diff - JHM Trio - 034 - H&R Coilovers - FCP - Bosch Motorsports - OZ Racing - SRM/SSAC exhaust - Tons of New OEM parts


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