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    Best aftermarket parts online in Australia.

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    Hey guys

    Ive been using the common aftermarket parts online stores in USA, 034, ECS, BSR etc etc, however the fx, shipping costs and taxes are killing the price.

    Anyone aware of similar quality aftermarket online store that is good value in Australia/Sydney?


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    My respray thread

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    Some Australian companies such as dub addiction can source things a bit cheaper, they helped me with an ecs order and got it for 200 less and no import tax to my door

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    Looking for the same thing. The Australian market is definitely lacking in this department cause I would love a company like ECS to be have a warehouse here.

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    Hey guys. Any idea where I can get a decent rs4 style bumper (or similar) for my b8 a4? It's the pre-facelift model.
    Thanks in advance.

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