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Thread: Alpine X701D-A4

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    Quote Originally Posted by niakapa View Post
    Mine recognizes SD card reader. Note that Alpine is a windows based system and SD cards have to be formatted according to windows standard.
    Do you know the make and model of the SD card reader you're using? I don't recall ever formatting the SD cards before I loaded my mp3s and playlists on them and they played fine in the stock Audi Concert system. I may have to try formatting them as FAT32 and then copying the files back over and see if they work. Problem is, I already bought about 20 8GB flash drives on ebay. I'm sure I can put them all to good use regardless.

    UPDATE: Well, I just learned an expensive lesson. I went home for lunch and formatted one of my SD cards as FAT32. I copied the files back over to the card and now the X701D-A4 recognizes the USB device and plays the mp3s with no problem. I just spent about $140 on 8GB flash drives and a couple of cases to carry them in. If anyone wants a great deal on flash drives let me know and I'll sell them to you at cost with free shipping.

    Thanks for the info on formatting the SD cards. I'm curious to know what format the cards were in before I copied the files over to them.
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