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    Left and right brake lights

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    Hey just looking for some insight,

    I have a b6 s4 and recently I got a left brake light warning, followed by the right brake light warning shortly after.

    I changed both bulbs with the dual filament, 7528 I believe, to no avail. I did clean both sockets, and made sure the contact point was not bent/damaged.

    I did search a few forums for a fix, and saw some people had a problem with their brake light switch. I'm not sure if it is considering my third brake light works perfectly, and I don't have the Esp light come on.

    Any help is appreciated,
    Thank you

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    Ever find out what's up? My car is doing the same thing

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    Hey guys,
    I had all of my bulbs going in and out. Cleaned everything many different times. I ended up replacing the bulb trays and I have not had a problem since.
    I got mine from ecs tunning.
    B6 A4

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    I had same problem. Sometimes corrosion builds up inside the pin connector to your assembly. You can try cleaning that or sometimes also the ground wire (brown) is not getting right connection and needs to be grounded somewhere else. This is only a temporary fix though and would recommend probably just buying a new assembly all together.

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