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    Will13k7 - 2012 Brilliant Black B8 S4 (DSG)

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    Just a thread to share the modifications I make for a OEM+ setup.

    2012 Audi S4 Premium Plus
    Brilliant Black
    Black interior
    Seven-speed S tronic Transmission
    Audi MMI Navigation plus
    quattro with sports differential
    Silk Nappa leather interior
    Bang & Olufsen Sound System
    19" 5-segment-spoke wheels
    Audi advanced key
    Rear acoustic parking sensors
    Carbon Atlas inlays
    Rearview Camera


    APR Intake, Exhaust, Pulley & Stage2+ Tune v3.1.

    JHM 2-Piece lightweight slotted rotors.
    ECS Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines.

    Bilstein PSS10 Coilovers.
    Eurocode Sway Bars, End Links & Drivetrain Stabilizer.
    034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert, Rear Differential Mount, and Rear Differential Carrier Mount.
    SPC Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms.
    Fender-to-ground is 25 7/8" all around (up to post #44, then its 25 1/2" FTG in front (rubbed a little) up to Post #59, then its 25 5/8" FTG in front).

    AWE Boost Gauge.
    2013 S4 Shift Knob & Pedals.
    2014 S4 Red Ring Start Button.
    12" MTX Subwoofer & Alpine Amplifier.
    Ziza Fog Lights, Interior & rear License Plate LEDs.
    oCarbon Carbon Fiber coin holder filler.

    19x8.5 ET38 Hartmann HTT-256-GS (Silver Rotor Reps) with 255/35 Michelin Pilot Super Sport.

    VCDS Tweaks
    Disable LED 'wink' on turn signal.
    Enable Adaptive brake lights.
    Enable Automatic Gear selection shown in DIS.
    Enable Battery meter.
    Enable Hidden menu in MMI.
    Enable Lap Timer and Oil Temperature.
    Enable Release Parking Brake without putting foot on Brake.
    Enable Release Parking Brake without putting seatbelt.
    Enable Remote Operation windows and sunroof.

    Brembo GT 380mm front BBK with slotted rotors.
    20x9 ET35 Ace Alloy Convex & 245/30 Michelin PSS.
    OEM Peelers 19x8.5 ET43 with 8mm ECS Spacers (ET35) and 255/35 Continental ContiSportContact 3.
    Apikol Diff Mount.
    Relak paddle shifter extensions.
    oCarbon Carbon Fiber Instrument and MMI surrounds.
    19x8.5 ET38 Hartmann HRS4-252-GS (B7 RS4 Reps) with 255/35 Continental ContiSportContact 5P.

    Also check out my 8V S3 Mod Thread .

    Also check out my B9 S4 Mod Thread .
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    They look pretty good I'd DL Lr5. What gear are you using?
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    Really nice mods and pics.

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    Spiders, wheels, and a heat gun.

    Looks better than the B8 I don't have, so you get a .
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    Looks pretty awesome to me!

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    Atlanta, GA

    Superb looking car and i always believe black is the best color when cleaned but difficult to maintain
    2016 M3 MT/AW/Black

    Sold --2013 S4 MT/Glacier white/ Black interior/Premium Plus/ MMI/ Sports diff/ B&O/advanced key/ 19inch wheels/Carbon inlays/ supercharged badges/Euro Code Meisterwerk Shifter/ AWE exhaust with stock downpipes

    2010 Acura TL / Paladium silver/ black interior

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    Items for Sale

    where did you get your pedals!? they look great!
    2011 :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by prob View Post
    where did you get your pedals!?
    eBay, they are the OEM B8.5 pedals. There are multiple sellers, they get them directly from Audi in Germany. Here's an example:

    ... and here's a better shot of them. They are easy to install, just watch out installing the dead pedal, the bracket is sharp, I got a nasty cut pressing against it.

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    B8.5 Shift knob, installed using the heat and twist method, and a little sanding after the twist.
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    Suspension Goodies

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    Alignment with SPC Control Arms, just clears the inner fender pinch weld.

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    Wheel Weigh-ins, just for fun:

    OEM, after about 12K Miles:

    Convex's new:
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    Exhaust Tip Closeups:

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    Intake after I just installed it:

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    Subwoofer Install with dynamat on rear deck:

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    Right after I installed the AWE Boost Gauge:

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    Quick 0-60ish run, still was missing the Stage-1 intake part. I'll need to make a new video one of these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by will13k7 View Post
    Thanks, I did a little editing in LR5, removed some leafs, fixed some of the exposure, but I'm a beginner. I used an Olympus Pen E-P5 with a 17mm prime lens (~35mm equivalent since my camera is a micro-four-thirds) in Manual mode using f1.8 w/ ISO 200, and then just varied the shutter speed to try and get the lighting right, but didn't get it quite right on most shots, beginner with this too!

    Mops, it looks like you take some nice shots, any tips?!
    Not really. Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on it I shoot RAW, try and keep at ISO 100, and leave it in manual. I just started first of this year. I shoot with 60D, 24-105L, 10-22, 50mm f/1.4 and just grabbed the 70-200 f/2.8. Practice, practice, practice is best. And make sure you are taking full advantage of Lr3. Very nice build you have going, btw!
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    Super clean. Well done!

    PS. Mops - you're being missed on the M3 thread. Please come back. Buckeye is getting you some candles.
    Doug (a.k.a. Dung from No Lube, No Problem)

    '16 S3 TeamOEM

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    dont shoot such shallow aperture, you lose most of the car that way. also, shoot with room to give around the subject, its easier to crop out dead space later, but you dont get stuck with not enough backdrop in the photo. invest in a Circular Polarizer, it will help to reduce the reflections and glare off of the car so you get those rich darks. Aside from that, good start dude and nice car
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    Quote Originally Posted by will13k7 View Post
    Right after I installed the AWE Boost Gauge:

    Did you change the color of you dash lights, if so, can that be done on the 2010.
    2010 Sprint Blue S4 l DSG l Sports diff l Black nappa l Nav MMI l AG M368 19x9.5 ET40 w/Mich PSS l Stasis tune/exhaust l RS4 grill l Injen intake l Alu Kreuz l LED interior/plate/reverse l Ziza platinum fogs l JL sub/amp l 8.5 pedals/shift knob l 20% tint/vinyl wrap l SOLD

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    Beautiful shots! Car looks amazing, I really like those wheels. How is the ride on 20s vs OEM?

    2016 AUDI S3, 2013 AUDI S4, 2011 AUDI Q5, 2010 AUDI A4, 2006 AUDI A4


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    USR NJ

    Looking good!
    2014 RS7 Suzuka Gray

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    Quote Originally Posted by COLO S4 View Post
    Did you change the color of you dash lights?
    Its stock, I was just using my phone to record which seems to add a blue tint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BirdmanQ5 View Post
    How is the ride on 20s vs OEM?
    Harsher, mainly due to dropping down to 30 series. When under-inflated at 35psi, it's almost the same, but when inflated to 40psi, I cringe a little when hitting some bumps, though its really not that bad and the wheels are holding up to the bumps. The alignment shop I went to said running them at 35psi will increase the chance of denting the rims when hitting a pothole since the tire will compress at a single point and the road will come in contact with the wheel, makes sense, so I'm running them at 40psi.
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    BEAUTIFUL! That is all
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    From the front up higher.

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    Extremely clean. No window tint? Go 50% ceramic.

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    Nice pictures and mods.
    2014 Audi S4 Premium Plus - ST Coilovers

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    Thanks for the compliments everyone! I chose all my mods after reading a lot about them on Audizine.

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    That last one is very nice
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    Nice shots, car looks great. Well done on the mods.

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    Just got a surprise in my mailbox today from deutschland, I went ahead and popped it in

    Old one, you can see how its peeling:

    Installed, I love the look:

    Its an OEM Part from BKS Tuning, plug and play. Easy to install, the AC controls popped out using my finger in one the larger holes on the bottom, pulling outward. The shift boot just needs a simple pry tool, and the MMI controls pop out by pulling up swiftly from the area exposed by pulling up the shift boot, pulling up from the part closest to the armrest. Using a narrow pry tool, you push up on the wire clip's latch to pull out the connector, then push the button up firmly to pop it out. Push the new button in, re-install the connector, push the MMI controls back in, the AC controls, and finally the shift boot.

    Day Time Shot:

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    Clean setup. This may just me being an S4 noob, but I really like the side mirrors.

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    Items for Sale

    That looks really good. Also the website seems like a great place for OEM Audi parts. Thanks!
    2011 Audi S4 - Ibis - Magma - Premium Plus - XPEL - STIR PLUS - Anti Laser Priority - AWE Resonated Exhaust - Ecodes - Alu Kruez - BBS CH-R (Mops)

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    Items for Sale

    My computer blew up after opening this thread with the massive photos lol. Beautiful ride though!! :)
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    How do you like the apikol bushing with the dsg? Are there any real improvements?

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    Also very curious about the bushings from Apikol

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    Car looks and sounds great! Looking forward to your impressions on the Transmission Mount

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmomo313 View Post
    Car looks and sounds great! Looking forward to your impressions on the Transmission Mount
    Same here, doesn't it take like five minutes to install?

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