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    Audi A6 2001 misfiring problem

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    Hi, I own a 2.7t 2001 audi a6 with 180k miles and it has been idling rough especially with the A/C on and it also has so many misfires when I floor it that gaining speed quickly has become very hard to do. I have to moderately press the gas, never flooring it, for it to not buck/misfire.

    I have the VAG and it reads misfires on all cylinder and also exhaust gas temp sensor #2.

    I took it to the mechanic and they told me a piston ring is bad so I need a new engine. I found it hard to believe one bad piston ring causes misfires in all cylinders.
    If I were to replace the EGT #2 do you think it would solve my problem? Can the EGT cause the misfires? If so can you explain why.

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    yes egt sensors can cause misfires. it is something to do with fuel cuts to protect the cats if the exhuast temp is too high, im not exactly sure
    and i doubt you have a piston ring problem
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