Hello, all. I just ordered the S5 Sportback and am on an 8-10 week wait. I've daily driven a MINI JCW, heavily modded for AutoX for the last 6-7 years. I did a lot of posting, mostly on modding and AutoX...here's one of the threads.


I will likely not mod the S5 much but I will likely do a bit of AutoX in the B Street class just to help hone my driving skills on this new and very different platform. I've always liked audi's and almost got a TT years ago but went with an emotional buy for the MINI because of my history in the UK years ago. (many years ago)

My test drive of the S5 was exciting. It will be a great daily driver and also serve my need to occasionally cart work clients around town...which I never did in the MINI, of course. Also, looking forward to a bit of track time and cross country treks on occasion...I hate to fly.