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    Wheel Bearing and vibration problem...please help b4 I set this car on fire

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    So I finally manage to solve my problem of the grinding/rubbing's my front passenger side wheel bearings

    changed that and I'm noise free.......

    until I started hearing this metal to metal grinding noise again when I make/turn left...the noise is really annoying, could it be my rear passenger wheel bearings that are bad??? the noise can be heard even as slow as 25mph and when the wheel is approx. turned 100 degrees. It gets worse the more I turn the wheel to the left

    accompanying the metal grinding noise is a weird feeling of my undercarriage grinding as well(I know it doesn't make any sense but hopefully someone gets it LOL)

    And could this same problem be the reason why my car shakes like hell when I just step on the gas to maintain my speed? and this also means using cruise control....shakes like a mothereffff

    but this vibration goes away when I let go of the gas or press hard on the gas to gain speed

    I'm almost done with this car >.<

    And any other advice what to change suspension wise to make the car feel like brand new again?
    I recently changed the following:
    Front wheel bearings...both sides
    Upper Control Arms....both side

    if it matters, I have ST coilovers and dialed pretty high coz of winter. I go up the mountains often and the noise I describe above is just plain annoying.

    P.S. I apologize in advance if there are threads that covers these kind of problems.
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    I agree it sounds like a bad CV. I had a similar problem a few years ago. In my case, turning right under acceleration caused a vibration/grumbling noise. A new drivers side axle fixed it. $225 from For your car, if it vibrates when turning left, it's probably your inner CV on the passenger side. Unfortunately you can't replace just the CV for a decent price, it's better to just get a new axle. FYI if you do the job yourself you need a 17mm allen on a 1/2" drive to loosen and tighten the axle bolt, plus other normal tools to loosen the other stuff. If you're a decent mechanic it's about 1-2 hours provided nothing is corroded too badly.

    Also you can check your wheel bearings if you just put the car up and turn the wheels by hand. Bad bearings grind and you can feel it through the tire. Considering your problem is only when accelerating, CV sounds like the culprit.

    For reference:

    go > show

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    I wouldn't recommend lighting your car on fire.

    Rather, I wouldn't recommend running it through insurance after starting such a thread.

    Also, check the axles.


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