I feel silly asking this but i'm not sure whats the issue with my car(06 A4 2.0T that I just bought 2 weeks ago). In the last 2 days every time I go to start my car I need a boost. It just won't turn over on its own. This would tell me its a bad alternator and that my battery is dead. But with the key in the ignition (car turned off) I have good power to my radio, lights, etc...with no flickering or dimming that would suggest a good battery. I don't have access to a volt meter and from what I can see I don't see anywhere on the dash where it shows the battery voltage. But if its a bad alternator I would think that my battery would go dead fairly quick.
So im starting to wonder if I have a short somewhere. I use to have a Nissan Titan and the bracket that holds the air intake manifold is also a ground was loose. So there was time where it would not start at all but other time works great.

Any suggestions?