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    Unusual tire wear on inside edge of each front tire (cross post with B7 S4)

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    I was in the process of rotating my tires and noticed that both front tires have excessive wear on the very inner edge of the tire. It's as if something was rubbing a ~1/2 inch gouge into the inside corner of the tire... it's not a continous type wear across the tire that you'd see if the wheels were out of alignment. On one side, a steel belt is slightly visible. It's as if the tie rod ends are rubbing into the tires, but there's no evidence that there is any rubbing on the tie rods themselves, and clearance looks sufficient. I have stock wheels and tire size. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Upper control arm bushings. When they wear out, it throws the camber and toe out of whack and causes the problem you described. Been there. Eventually the rear upper control arms go too, and your rear wheels will do the same thing. If you do any suspension work and tighten the bolts down before loading the suspension, the bushings will break down pretty quickly.


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