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    what causes burning oil smells?

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    thought this would be a good thread to direct members to, once it gets filled up of course.

    what causes burning oil smells in the C5?
    i know one of them is a leaking valve cover gasket.
    anything else? im getting burning oil smells on both of my cars coming from the engine bay.
    and tomorrow is my only day off so im going to be digging thru the engine compartment trying to locate them before i go on a 6 hour road trip.

    CHIME IN! thanks!

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    what garage?

    almost always valve cover gaskets on the 2.8
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    And the cam plugs, definitely those too.
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    Valve cover gaskets, cam end caps, valley plugs, cam chain tensioner gaskets..

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    I had too much oil in mine. It smoked like a MOFO, but I can't remember if I could really smell it.

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