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    price check on 2012

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    Hi all - long time lurker who is about to (hopefully) be an owner. I was hoping to get people's thoughts on what a solid price on a 2012 might be. Since some, but probably not all, are getting close to invoice on 2013 orders, and 2012s have historically sold close to invoice, I was hoping to do invoice or better (not including conquest cash). Does everyone think that's a reasonable assumption? I'm not sure if there are holdbacks or other incentives that Audi is providing dealers to clear inventory. I was contemplating offering ~$1k below invoice and going from there.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you got close to invoice or invoice itself you would be getting an awesome deal. Dealers do want to get rid of 2012's but they have 3-4 months to do so and normally dealers don't have a massive overstock of s4's. They know they will sell so most aren't too worried, and honestly a lot of people are preferring the 2012 styling over the 2013.
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    $1k below invoice is very likely below dealer cost. You can try, but don't expect them to take it. FWIW reportedly Audi has no dealer holdbacks.

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    I have contacted many dealers across New England and am at $500 above invoice, extra $1000 more on my trade (vs other dealers) and $750 loyalty. They are having it sent from another dealer. Most started at $1500 over invoice and less on my trade. After a few weeks, many have contacted me with better offers.


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