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    BC Forged: 2 Piece Forged - Concave - Starts at 3,500 for a 19" set !

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    Hey guys,

    We are constantly on the hunt for innovative products that will satisfy specific needs for our customers. After months of research we have finally found a forged - 2 piece - concave with contoured spoke designs that go up to the edge of the wheel. Their lead time is also super quick at 2 - 3 weeks !

    Sounds expensive? Think again! A set of 19" in the ST series (lightweight concave) starts at 3,500 in standard finishes!

    View all current BC Forged offerings here:
    Product List - Category - Wheels / BC Forged

    20" Pricing:
    - HB series: 4,220
    - HB S Series: 4,660
    - ST series: 3,820

    19" Pricing:
    - HB series: 3,900
    - HB S Series: 4,340
    - ST series: 3,500

    Standard finishes:
    - Bright Silver
    - Matte Black
    - Gloss Black
    - Gunmetal
    - Brushed Aluminum
    - Tinted Brushed Aluminum

    About BC Forged

    BC Forged is a new subdivision of BC Racing - world renowned for their high performance coilover suspension systems. Since it's establishment in 1999, BC Racing has focused its efforts on developing, designing and manufacturing high performance coilover suspension systems.

    New for 2012 is the release of BC Forged's line of ultra-light 2 piece forged wheels. Manufactured out of aircraft-grade Forged T6061-Aluminum, these wheels are made to order to your custom specs. All BC Forged wheels are machined using the latest sophisticated CNC procedures utilizing state of the art machinery.This 2 piece design eliminates the risk of problematic air leaks experienced relatively frequently on 3 piece forged wheels. In addition, extensive finite element analysis (FEA) in addition to Vehicle Specific Weight Optimization (VSWO) are utilized to maximize structural integrity while minimizing weight. In addition, BC Forged wheels are officially JWL and VIA certified.

    • Available in 8.5" to 11" widths
    • Made from T6061 Forged Aluminum
    • JWL/VIA Certified
    • CNC Machined
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • Vehicle Specific Weight Optimisation (VSWO)

    BC Forged Wheels - HB Series (Deep Concave) - 2 Piece Forged Wheels

    BC Forged - HB 04

    BC Forged - HB 05

    BC Forged - HB 09

    BC Forged - HB 27

    BC Forged - HB 29

    BC Forged - HB 35

    BC Forged - HB 36

    Installed Examples:

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    If you are looking for a great value, these BC Forged wheels are some of the lowest priced multi piece wheels available at this time. They also have one of the shortest wait times for delivery!


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