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    Question Loud sqeual after aux coolant pump replacement...No idea what went wrong..

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    So last weekend I changed my aux coolant pump since it was leaking like a stuck pig via the manifold lift technique. I am pretty damn sure I put every vacuum line and other connection back together correctly but now when I start the car there is a very high pitch squeal coming from what seems to be the firewall side of the engine somewhere. When I wiggle the various vac lines in the area the pitch does not change so to me it seems like an electronic squeal. The pitch does vary in frequency when the motor is revved...Also, I noticed it is pulling about 2 mmHg less at idle and runs a tad that makes me feel like it is a vacuum leak..not sure what I have messed up..Any ideas?

    I don't want to take it into a shop but if I need to does anyone know of a respectable S4 worthy shop in the Schaumburg / Chicago area?


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    Did you properly bleed the cooling system after you finished? Sounds like air in the system.
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    Delete that thing

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    My first guess would be the brake booster vacuum hose. A lot of people crack those when working in that area.
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    Take a piece of relatively small pipe or hose, stick one end of it to your ear and move the other end around the suspected area to narrow where this is coming from. But I agree with the above, check the brake booster connector that goes to the firewall. It might just be loose now.

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