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    How much for a bumper spray for an Allroad?

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    Yo yo yo yo!

    I just had the PPI done on an AR for my next car. The car is solid and I'm pretty excited to have an actual "tunable" car yet sad at the thought of my S4 going to a new home. After looking at the body and that two tone plastic non-sense, I've decided the first thing I'm gonna do it color match the lower portion.

    Any thought about how much a job like that would cost or if any of you have done it how did it look? Aside from that I'm going to be getting a Revo tune and a CB. I'll be saving the rest for a Franken-turbo kit.


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    to color match the bumpers, rocker panels and fender flares properly with all parts being removed to be painted etc and if you dont need any other touchups or anything runs around a grand.
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