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    FYI - RNS-E & TMC Information

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    I know this gets asked every now and then so I figured I would try to put together some information about Traffic Message Chanel, aka TMC, which is available with the latest version (and probably last) of the RNS-E (800x480px).

    Here's the Wikipedia entry for TMC.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is a technology for delivering traffic and travel information to drivers. It is typically digitally coded using the FM-RDS system on conventional FM radio broadcasts. It can also be transmitted on DAB or satellite radio. ... When data is integrated directly into a navigation system, this gives the driver the option to take alternative routes to avoid traffic incidents.
    First anyone using the data provided by TMC should realise that it's by no means live data. It's informative at best, but most of the time just anecdotal. On many occasions I've ignored re-routing caused by "traffic incident" and drove at 70-80mph thru zone marked as "stopped traffic". On the other hand I've also been stuck in traffic jams in places where no indications were provided by TMC.

    There is absolutely no cost associated w/ this service and there is no need for satellite radio either. I do not have satellite radio in the Avant and do not subscribe to any kind of services to obtain TMC data.

    TMC data is shown in 2 places: on the map under the "Nav" Menu and under the "Info" Menu. Under the "Nav" Menu, the data is displayed on the map when available, whether you're using the navigation or not. It displays traffic speed conditions as well as incidents. Under the "Info" Menu, details about incidents in your vicinity are displayed. If you're navigating, then only the incidents along your route are displayed, otherwise all incidents are displayed ordered by proximity.

    1st set of Screen Shots: Traffic speed condition - real/actual live data
    Location: Golden Gate Bridge, CA

    2st set of Screen Shots: Incident data - Winter storm - not real data
    Location:Greater Sacramento Area, CA

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    Always wondered what that green TMC in my DIS stood for.

    I'm interested in how you got these screenshots form the RNS-E.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RLB6 View Post
    Always wondered what that green TMC in my DIS stood for.

    I'm interested in how you got these screenshots form the RNS-E.
    Also interested in screen shots.
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    So i have the 2060 updated RNS-E software. How do I check to see if my RNS-E displays this info? Seems pretty cool!
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