GM has announced a recall for huge automobiles, notably huge passenger vans and SUVs, across many of its brands. The recall is because of late models having a manufacturing problem in the power steering system. You can get good auto loans rates for your brand new SUV or van.

Recent SUV recall

GM, according to AutoBlog, has just announced a recall of select models of its huge vans and SUVs, involving four models from Chevrolet and GMC. It is the second such recall to be issued by the business in the past month.

GM also publicized a recall this month, according to NASDAQ, for two small SUV models, neither of which is sold in the United States. General Motors recalled 16,618 Chevrolet Captiva and Opel Antara crossovers made between April and November of 2006. The recall extends to models made and sold in China.

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The most recent recall has a fairly limited scope. It covers the 2012 Chevrolet Suburban and Express van, as well as the GMC Yukon XL SUV and Savana van and extends to approximately only 6,159 vehicles.

Reason for recall

The Pitman shaft in the steering system was not hardened well enough to deal with prolonged operation, which is what prompted the recall, according to the Wall Street Journal. During operation, the shaft can break causing the driver to lose all ability to steer.

The problem, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, was found by the company that manufactures the component for GM. However, according to Reuters, the issue doesn't become a real danger until five months of severe use, though that presumably could mean up to one year of regular use.

Sold as fleet automobiles

There have been no crashes or injuries reported from the problem yet, according to NASDAQ.

Since the Savana and Express vans can seat up to 15 passengers, they are bought for church groups and other groups as shuttle automobiles.

Impacted owners should be ready to hear that they are impacted by the recall before April 4, according to Reuters. The Pitman shaft will have to be inspected and swapped out in a few vehicles for free. Owners just need to take their automobiles to the nearest dealer for GMC or Chevrolet.




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