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    Buying my own 09 Q7 at lease end?

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    My lease is ending shortly and one of the local dealers has offered me this on buying my 2009 3.6l Premium Plus with 45k miles.

    Does this sound like a good deal? Anyone know if the Certification is a fixed price? (I would be buying my own car so I know its fine and has only been serviced by Audi.)
    Would Audi financial make me a better deal if I just wait a month and let them contact me at lease end?

    $25888 Remaining Obligation (residual + 1 remaining payments + disposition fee charged by Audi Financial Services)
    $3495 Certification
    $0 down
    60 months @ 2.4% = $595
    72 months @ 2.9% = $509

    Thanks for any advice!

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    That seems a bit high for the certification unless they are adding everything that needs to be done to the car. The APR looks good. Make sure you get to see everything that is being done to the car. Those cars are in high demand so they have really held their value.

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    Too high on cert. Cert on a Q7 is under $2k. APR sounds great though.
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