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    Podi -> installation and use of inline filter for electronic boost gauge setups

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    In the past I have told people that installing the inline filter that is supplied with the electronic boost gauges is optional.

    After recent testing in VW Mk6, Audi B8 and other newer engines, we have been finding senders being damaged by condensation in the vacuum line which is being blown into the sender and causing it to malfunction.

    You can see the droplets on the wall of the vacuum hose in the pictures below:

    As a result I am recommending that the inline filter be installed in order to filter out contaminants to protect the boost sender otherwise it will void your Podi warranty.

    I recommend that the filter be installed away from any heat source and how I usually install it shown in the following picture

    This policy will be in effect starting April 1, 2012.

    We will continue to honor the warranty from customers who have purchased an electronic stepper motor boost gauge prior to April 1, 2012 who did not install the inline filter.

    If anyone has any question in regards to this issue please contact us at or

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    my kit did not come with filter and when I asked Greg he said I don't wouldn't need it but I guess I need it.


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