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Thread: Lug bolts

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    Lug bolts

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    I was just wondering where I can buy lug bolts for my S4. Anyone know a good website that I can order them from?
    Also what is the standard lug bolt sizes that I would have to get? I think it's 14x1.5. I would need a cone type

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    I narrowed things down to two brands - Otis/RAD USA and Gorilla. I ended up buying the Otis/RAD ones via Amazon, which saved me both sales tax and over $20 on shipping versus their direct and eBay pricing. (I did go with Gorilla locks, FWIW, also via Amazon.)

    I can't speak to the sizes you'll need, but mine are 14x1.5x28mm, r13 ball seat. Nearly identical to OEM, which are 27mm in length, and I went with a hollow head (still 17mm) design simply because that's what was listed on Amazon. I can't say I had a preference, but I actually do prefer the look of the hollow head bolts now that they're on the car.
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