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    pss9 trouble shooting

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    Having some suspension and brake issues and need some troubleshooting advice. First the suspension, bilstien pss9 coilovers with about 40k miles on them. Recently the ride has gotten really loose and the car does not handle like it should. feels spongey like im driving a big caddie. Im used to the car feeling planted to the road. they are set to stock ride hight and at #5. New control arms all around less than 6k miles ago. Not sure what to look for.
    As for the brakes, put rs4 pads on my car about 45 days ago and they are grinding under hard braking and squeaking under light braking. Makes me crazy...
    The suspension is of a much more pressing concern as it does not feel at all right and makes me nervous.
    Any insight on what to look for?
    btw, 2001 s4

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    Yah i had that same loose feeling before too, but that's because of my worn out control arms. Replaced though and back to stiff.

    Are your shocks leaking? maybe time for rebuilt on those pss9?
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