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    4.2 Cam chain tensioner failure

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    So 2 weeks ago I had my timing belt replaced threw a forum member. (He is a Audi tech) so iget the car back drive it for a week and it starts making a noise that I can only explain as marbles in my crankcase. Immediately have it towed to his work he double checks his work and diagnosis it as a "cam chain tensioner." so my car runs great feels normal and is very quiet. So my question is how long should I expect the other side to last. Is it a random part failure or does it have a shelf life? Thanks

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    been there done that. Lasted about 6 months before it broke (after the light came on and it started misfiring).. 1600 to fix it. got lucky tho it didnt damage anything.

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    It's not a common part to fail. What sucks is that you need that special tool in order to do the install. Which makes the DIY aspect expensive.
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    Not uncommon but also not common. They fail but not often. I would plan on getting it replaced sooner rather than later. You can drive it and wait until it starts affecting your timing and you get CEL. But, that is risky and your call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stampy View Post
    It's not a common part to fail. What sucks is that you need that special tool in order to do the install. Which makes the DIY aspect expensive.

    Jeff! Wow, its been a while!

    Back to topic, It is a tough call. It could last a while, it could go at any time. If you have the extra bank then I would get the part ready, and change it when you get the time during a weekend. It really is unfortunate that it is a crap shoot. Take a chance and not do it, may never fail. But on the flip side, the exact opposite can happen.
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