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    stock vs dnx7140

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    how are the audi stock NAVs? I have used a kenwood dnx7140 for the past couple years and I am real used to it and think it works just fine. wondering if its worth paying someone to swap the 2 NAVs if I bought a car with the stock one in it.

    Have any of you used both?
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    I had a DNX7120 in my last S4. I quickly sold it and upgraded to the DNX9980HD for the bluetooth capability and upgraded features (pandora control being a huge one). I prefer the functionality of the navigation and touchscreen, as well as the number of things that it is capable of compared to the factory RNSE. I have the RNSE in my 07 S4 and it works, but I can't use my phone with it, I don't have pandora or access to my ipod...the nav is slightly cumbersome to use, having a rotary dial for address my opinion go with the Kenwood. To add a backup cam to the kenwood you're only looking at $120 or so (just the price of the camera) whereas with a factory nav unit you're looking in excess of $600.

    The only reason I haven't swapped out my factory RNSE for my Kenwood (that's just been sitting in my shop for the past 8 months since my last S4 got totaled) is the Sirius satellite radio subscription...which runs out in 2 months.


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