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    Nubworks custom A2W IC piping, Linder Power System couplers

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    so, Justin came down to Speeding-G60 Race Team HQ today and we spent the whole day redoing the entire boost piping, utilizing Linder Power Systems custom couplers.

    we welded onto the turbo compressor outlet, the A2W intercooler inlet and outlet, even cut off and welded on to the throttle body.

    it was a longish day of fabrication and welding, and it looks kick ass. i had a MESS of little horseshoe shaped niblets of aluminum pipe laying around when i was done from the constant nibbles and cuts, etc.


    had a fat 3 lb Rib-Eye lunch and beers along the way. when welder comes to you, then feed him you must!

    and this is the coupler and how it works.

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