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    Post How to remove rear bumper cover in Audi A6 Sedan

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    Here is DIY how to remove rear bumper in Audi A6 Sedan
    In order to remove rear bumper you need to gain access to 10 bolts from inside of the vehicle and 5 bolts from outside
    Tools needed
    • 8 mm key
    • 10 mm key
    • T 27 Hex key
    • screw drivers
    • T 25 Hex Key
    • small wrench with extension

    open the trunk and on left and right remove the trim door covers

    starting on the left you need to remove the cage that holds your emergency tools and if you have your cd changer you need to remove it as well
    there are approx 5 bolts that hold the cage in place as shown in picture below

    once you remove the cage put it a side

    now you need to remove the 5 nuts with washers that attach the bumper into car body
    there are 3 nuts with washer visible using 10 mm key remove all of them as shown on picture below

    there are 2 nuts with washer that are hidden inside car frame and are visible as shown on picture below

    once you remove them put them a side

    now move to right side of the car , you should have clear view of the 3 nuts and removed them like you did on the other side

    these two nuts are little hard to access because of the trim but using long 10 mm key you should still able to remove them

    once you remove it there are 5 screws that need to be remove , on each side of the wheel well there are two screw either T25 or 10 mm bolts that hold the lower portion of the bumper to the car
    as shown on picture below

    last bolt is located underneath of the bumper in the center using either T27 or T25 hex key remove it as shown on picture below

    now you are ready to remove the bumper, having two people is easier to remove it, but if you are alone start from one end and work to other end,
    first pull the lower part out and then pull the bumper slowly from mounts
    as shown on picture below

    you are done, and do the installation in reverse

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    Great writeup!

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