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    Priming lifters properly

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    Just picked a new bare head, the guy at the machine shop tells me I have to use a "priming canister" to properly prime and bleed the new lifters. If I don't then the lifters are going to come apart and destroy my motor!? I checked with best friend Google, and I can't even find a reference to this elusive canister. I'm thinking its kinda BS seeing how we've been doing by the book this whole time. Any thoughts?
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    The hydraulic lifter?
    They empty themselves when you shut down the engine, and they are filled when the oil pump is working again...

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    According to my Haynes manual you are to allow lifters a half hour to bleed down before starting engine after putting them in. As if you could install everything fast enough for it to be a problem

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    It's really very simple.

    to bleed out a hydraulic lifter, you simply submerse it in oil and pump the lifter with a rod until it becomes hard to pump, then you know the air has been expelled from the lifter.

    no special container is needed. a red solo cup works perfect.


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