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    Difference between valet and master key??

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    Just posting this up to draw more attention. I'm looking to get a master key cut from what I think is a valet key. I know some guys on here have had of done, so I was just wondering what is the exact difference in the key blades between a valet and a master and how would the guy cutting the key know to compensate for the differences.

    I'm still looking for a place in NJ to do this for me, but wanted to get educated first! Thanks for any help!!
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    I don't believe the valet will let you in the trunk. Could be wrong though.
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    Typically the valet key won't unlock the trunk, glovebox, or lockable rear seat latch if it has one.
    Not sure how far back that goes though, pretty sure my 99' A6 was that way, so was my 00' Golf. Strange enough I used the valet-key blade to make a new flip key for my B6 and it open everything.
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    Just a guess. Master has one corner on each side machined. Maybe valet doesnt have this and wont fit in gbox, etc? Does your key have this?


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