I'm feeling a vibration at 50-70 mph on the highway, and can't figure out what it is. seems to be coming from the passenger front. the vibration isn't extreme though, the passenger seat doesn't even budge, and passengers can't feel it. I had a wheel bearing and axle replaced on the front right last year, a new bearing on the left last week, left side tie rod end 3 months ago, new rotors, pads, and calipers 2 weeks ago, and brand-new tires/balancing last month. the rears have all new wishbones, a-arms, and tie arms as of last month as well. I don't see any holes/tears/rips on the CV boots, no grease anywhere, no slop/play when grabbing and rocking them back and forth. right side tie arm is also fine, boot is perfect as well.

when going over bumps I can hear clunking, and taking left hand turns at highway speeds/anything above 40 creates a vibration as well. the fender liner is still in there, and the car is pretty low with 275/35s on. I looked at the liner and noticed where the liner meets the front bumper, it's no longer held on. it's probably only about half an inch or so away from the tire. could that plastic rubbing on the tire around turns cause the noise/vibration? it's not a metal on metal noise, more of a "fap fap fap" (no not that fap!!). there's no whistling/humming/grinding associated ever. the only time the "fap" noise is heard is when going around left hand turns, tighter-ish left hand turns to be specific, long left-hand bends don't create the noise.

anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? I'm removing the front wheel tomorrow and will check all the bolts, etc.