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    '02 B6 A4 front inner severe tire wear, Camber kit?

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    Im having issues with my front tires wearing out on the inner side severely at a very fast pace. My front right tire has inner wearing so bad that it got down to the threads while the rest of the tire has about 30% tread life left. I just ordered new tires and in the past everytime i switched my winter steelies to my B6 S4 wheels I would take the car to Les Schwab and have them do an alignment check on it and they say its fine even though it would pull slightly to the right and eat tire. Then they said that its my camber issue that apparently its -1.5 and there is no way to adjust it. Either buy a camber kit or another shop told me he could modify my lower control arms to be closer in on the sub frame which would hopefully help with the upper control arms not to have such negative camber issue. Anyone else struggling with this? Any thoughts or suggestions before I put on a new tire set and watch them get killed?

    I have the factory 2002 Audi Sport Suspension and running the B6 S4 18" wheels.

    any thoughts would help.

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    A4 Inner Edge Tire Wear

    I've had the same problem with my 2002 A4 Avant with sport suspension. The inner edge of both front tires wears very prematurely. I was thinking there was excessive toe-out. The tire store recommended a 4-wheel alignment at a nearby suspension specialist, but it turned out my settings were within factory spec. Subsequent sets of tires also wore prematurely in the inner edge of the front tires. I tried to compensate by getting fairly frequent tire rotations, but the wear still continued. I tend to get about 25-27 thousand miles on a set of unidirectional performance tires.

    I went to my Audi service rep and mentioned it, and he immediately responded that he knew exactly what my problem was, but that it was the nature of the beast, that the settings provide Audi's intended handling dynamics for the car. Not a solution, but I've had two 4-wheel alignments and my tires continue to wear the inner edge. I can only presume that it is the result of Audi's intention. Adjusting the toe to a more neutral position could well result in a car with dulled steering response and I'd probably gripe about that even more.


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