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    Quote Originally Posted by GramCracker View Post
    Perfect candidate for BaT, really. Already over 2400 views and 64 watching.

    Bummer you can't keep the car, but best of luck with the auction

    2008 Ibis White A4 Avant 2.0T S-line 6MT / 85K Miles / APR Stage II / 034 HFC / STaSIS Exhaust / Alcantara Recaros / 19x9.5 TSW's / Other Stuff

    2013 Glacier White Q7 Prestige 3.0T S-line CPO / 55K Miles / Black Headliner / Sport Wheel / Sport Seats / Advanced Key / Navigation / Side Assist

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    Thanks Nic, I appreciate the vote of confidence. Definitely unfortunate I can't keep the car (and the odds I get it back a third time is probably impossible) but life calls and priorities change, exciting things are on the horizon.

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    Got the Ziza LED interior kit fully installed from ECS.

    I had an issue with the reading lights. Both fronts and rears were dim and flickering with the LEDs they provided.
    I called and they sent out 4 new ones, this time a different PN. These work great.
    Thanks ECS for the quick no-hassle replacement!

    I'm working with ECS now to update their kit, or provide some type of alternate kit PN on their site for the allroad.
    (Hard to imagine it would be different for any B8.5 but who knows? Perhaps some resistances changed on some of the model years.)
    Kit was: 12x es2581633 & 4x es2515359
    Kit should be: 8x es2581633, 4x es2526289, & 4x es2515359

    I prefer the brighter light in the car as my 11yo daughter is rarely without a book in hand.
    I had a similar Ziza kit from ECS in my A3 and never had an issue for the 2 years the kit was in, so I trust the Ziza LEDs.

    ECS kit in question:

    My replacement passenger side fog grille came in today, so I got that installed.
    The previous owner had some minor mishap which cracked the original and beat it up pretty good. It was glued back together but just didn't look good to me.
    I'm guessing highway debris took it out at some point because the driver's side one is pristine and there's not damage anywhere else I can see.
    The new piece makes all right in the allroad world again.

    This fellow:
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    1968 mustang gt fastback . 4 speed .owned since July 1984
    Arvada colorado

    Nothing !! Parked it in the garage next to my old mustang .. ha that's what I did .
    Let it snow let it snow .let it snow.

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    2006 Audi S4 Avant

    Black badges installed! Slowly but surely getting rid of all the chrome.

    ------------ _-~Kirath~-_---------------
    2016 Kia Optima SX-L -
    2006 Audi S4 Avant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirath View Post

    Love your tail lights man, are they Dectane taillights?
    Brilliant Black 2008 S4 Avant Tip.
    Gone but never gotten - Ibis 2010 A3 2.0T

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    Installed an 034 poly snub mount, and was quite shocked by the difference it made (although the oe front was pretty shot). Well worth the $30 & 20 minutes it took to install.
    2008 B7 A4 Avant 6mt | GFB DV+ | JHM Staqe 1

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    '03 Subaru Outback, '98 Go-Ped Bigfoot

    Was parking, getting ready to snap a 'random photo of my Avant' when I rashed a wheel.....lesson learned, never attempt to parallel park nose first, always back-in.

    Could have been worse but bothered me enough to call a shop and have it scheduled to be repaired.

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    BRILLIANT Red A4 B8 Avant

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    '13 allroad Monsoon Prestige | '07 A4 2.0TQ Cabrio Ibis
    Decatur, GA

    Huge storms last weekend and earlier in week. I was parked in a GA red clay/gravel lot at kid's soccer tourney Sat and Sun.
    It was bone dry, then a bit of sprinkling, then a ton of wind = a nasty car with stuck-on red clay dust in every crack and crevice. A hose off barely touched it.
    I should've gotten some pictures of the carnage.

    -Clayed+razored and glass sealed the windshield and rear window earlier in the week
    -Detailed interior earlier in week to remove all the aforementioned red clay (Thank God I had in the rubber mats.)
    Adam's: Glass sealant, All Purpose Cleaner (APC) and interior detail spray

    -Two-bucket wash yesterday
    (Opened engine bay to wipe down drips and it has red clay dust everywhere, so I'll have to get it next time. Dang it!)
    Gilmour: foam gun
    Grit Guards in Home Depot buckets
    Adam's: car shampoo, green wheel cleaner, APC, Vinyl Rubber & Trim (VRT), sidekick blower

    -APR Stage 1 installed...just the 93 octane tune for this daily driver (vroom!)
    -Clayed and paint sealed the hood, roof and pillars (no time yet to get below the belt...hopefully next week)
    APR tune installed by Autobahn Performance in Atlanta
    Adams: Detail spray, clay bar, paint sealant
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    Just got a set of Weathertechs for the S4 Avant

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    Boise Id

    ^^^ Nice
    2005 Audi S4 6spd Avant
    2001 VW Passat 1.8t
    2009 GMC Denali truck

    2007 VW Passat 3.6 VR6 4mo Wagon
    2004 Audi tt
    2001 Audi S4 6spd Avant
    1998 VW 1.8t wagon

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    I swapped my boring oem Sline grille for an S4 one. Painted it all black and did the Sline badge mod.

    Also removed the rear badges.

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