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    Bolt to Stud Conversion

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    Ok, so im wondering if anyone has done this here on the forums, and if you could provide a little insight. So the wheel shop ive been going to for many years stripped 2 out of 5 of my lugbolt holes. I cant really prove anything because i took the wheel off one day when i got a flat and i swear it was the hardest two bolts ive ever had to remove lol.

    End of story i want to go ahead and do the conversion, do i need to replace the hub, or can i just retap it and hope it works, any insight would be much appreciated.

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    This is a great mod! You are way over thinking it though, you just need to get the studs and run them in, from there the thread lock does its job. You might have to tap the really bad lug holes you mentioned but likely not from your description. We have them available from H&R at this link - click me. Nothing like mounting a wheel on studs! Personally, this is my only complaint about my VAG cars. |
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