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    Cost to Replace Front Pads & Rotors ('05 B6 S4)

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    Audi dealer is quoting me $497 ... I am not going to do myself, so do you think I would be able to save a lot taking it to an independent shop or is this a reasonable price?

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    I'd actually say that price isn't that outrageous (like some of the other dealer quotes I've seen).

    The parts alone from ECS run about $357 as noted in this thread. So you factor in labor and their quote is pretty close. I do think you could save some money by going to an independent shop though.
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    Brakes are really easy to do, I can do rotors and pads in the front in a little over an hour.

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    You can get a good setup from ECS. And the its not hard to do it yourself. There is a DIY on line.
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    when i purchased my car the previous owner gave me all the receipts for all previous services performed.... he just had the front brakes done and the bill was about 600.00.... i saw it and thought it was ridicilious, so the price you got quoted doesnt sound that bad....but then again im in a part of NY where everything is more expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcster View Post
    Audi dealer is quoting me $497 ... I am not going to do myself, so do you think I would be able to save a lot taking it to an independent shop or is this a reasonable price?
    that was just about my quote exactly, $506. it was from a local tire shop. what i've decided to do instead, is order the full set of rotors and pads from adams rotors (since a full set isn't that much more than the 1/2 set) and have the tire place install it. yeah it will be a little more expensive since labor is $90/hr, but i just figured i might as well get new all the way around. i still have a little life left in these brakes, so i'm not doing this til probably fall when i'm getting new tires anyway. i'm going to try and work a deal on the labor cost, since i'm purchasing expensive tires from thier shop.
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    Do it yourself. It's REALLY easy. I just did my front brakes last weekend for about $150 in parts ($125 for pads, $15 for fluid, $10 for misc). Rotors would tack on another $200 for the front.
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