I thought I would take a few minutes and describe my experience with the SCDA at Watkins Glen International, as well as share some photos!

This was my first track experience ever, so I was in the novice group for the on track sessions. They require you to have an instructor in the passenger seat, which was great. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful with not only general track driving, but specifics about The Glen as well. The sessions on track were about 30 minutes long, and there were 4 in total. Two of mine were in the rain, one of which, was sopping wet. But it was really great to see how the quattro system handled in that setting (it was a hell of a lot of fun to overtake in the wet). There were also 3 classroom sessions to go over weight transfer, momentum, and some basic physics about track driving. All in all, it was a very well run event (although, I have nothing to compare it to), everyone was extremely helpful and organized, and it was great to be around a group of people with a passion for cars.

As for the track... It was absolutely incredible. It had just been repaved, so it drove faster than ever before, or so I'm told. Again, I had no reference to its speed before, but it certainly felt fast. 3.4 miles, 11 turns, a chicane, and 2 fantastic straightaways. Some really intense and tricky turns, uphill, downhill, late apexes, deceptively fast turns, it was everything I could have wanted.

As for the other cars there... Some really beautiful examples. Everything from track exclusive Ford GTs, to GTRs, to Porsche GT4s, M3s, plenty of Miatas and Corvettes, and even a Lexus ES350. There certainly were some incredible sounds coming from the track all day. The only other Audi apart from myself was a B7 RS4 (a really beautiful example of one), and there were a few VWs in the mix.

All in all, I had a blast and am absolutely hooked. Now all I want is a track car, weekends off, and lots of money to keep up with my recent addiction.

Below are a few photos from the day, and I hope to have many more days to rack up some beautiful shots like these. I'm still trying to decide which ones to purchase. My S4 was a blast on the track, and I'm just even more in love with it now.