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    Electric cam adjuster a brotha in need out!

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    I am in the process of replacing the electric cam adjuster solenoid on bank 1 (passenger side) with the motor in the car. I have removed a lot of parts to gain access, but before I start removing the upper rear timing cover, I was wondering if it is possible to slide the solenoid through the cover without removing the cover? What makes me think this is possible is that it looks like there is a housing around the solenoid that is bolted to the upper rear cover that can be removed...I was wondering if that would give me access to loosen the two bolts holding the solenoid in place, and then just slide it through the cover and swap in the new...any advice would help, car has been sitting in pieces in my garage and I really need to get it fixed already! Thanks
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    I don't think so:
    - cover hole is 37mm
    - solenoid bracket bolts are 39mm on center
    - solenoid brackets are 47mm across
    I doubt you'd be able to angle it enough to get it out. You also have the risk of dropping the capscrews into the engine

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    Too risky

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    Just curious. .....why are you replacing the solenoid?

    I just recently got the CEL for P011 which is "Bank 1 Camshaft Retard Setpoint not reached (Over-Advanced) - Implausible Signal. From the little bit I've read after searching that code, it seems like the solenoid on my electric adjuster may be failing also.

    Anybody got any ideas? I replaced all the timing parts (except for rge electronic adjusters) last year, and about 20k miles ago


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