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    Questions about my new to me 2014 S5 convertible.

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    Thereís a little shelf in the glove box thatís too small for the ownerís manual. Does it have any special purpose?

    Was there any other option besides an ashtray? Is there something useful that can go in its place?

    Are there any functional differences between what you can do with Bluetooth vs the right MMI cable? For long trips, putting the phone in the little net pocket in the glove box seems like a good option.

    Is there a setting for speed dependent volume? If so, I canít find it.

    Thanks for any replies.

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    The shelf in my glovebox is used to hold my personal protection hardware. Ashtray - no idea, I keep change in mine. MMI cord will charge, other than that I haven't found a difference but then I haven't really tried either. Bluetooth does what I need it to. Gala is your interior noise volume compensation.

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