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    Audi FSI Engine Carbon Build-up Thread for RS4 4.2

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    This thread serves as an index for carbon build-up related threads within the RS4 sub-section. There is a "megathread" located in the Drivetrain section for an index of all models located here. Feel free to PM me any additions (internal or not). I can also index any model specific information one might have.

    I've tried to tag content as much as possible. With either PICS where there is photographic evidence or CONCERN where there is discussion surrounding concern of the issue.

    RS4 specific threads:
    RS4: Intake Manifold Carbon Build-Up & Clean Up PICS
    RS4: ** PART 2 ** Intake Manifold Carbon Build-Up & Clean U PICS
    RS4 only 263whp flat from 6k rpm ?!?! PICS
    Sea Foam useage? CONCERN
    Cost to Clean Carbon? CONCERN
    My RS4 under the knife... PICS
    Fuel adatives.... PICS EXTERNAL
    RS4 owners READ this! CONCERN
    RS4 Owners Step in. What I feel to be very important. It's a long read. CONCERN
    Need help, RS4 in shop for MILs, how does valve cleaning get authorized? CONCERN
    Dyno after port, polish, manifold flap removal PICS EXTERNAL
    Dyno info for the day... PICS EXTERNAL
    ***** Official Carbon Build-Up Thread ***** POLL
    Carbon Build-up 101? CONCERN
    KryptoniK's RS4 PES S/C Build PICS
    2008 RS4 Carbon buildup EXPERIENCE EXTERNAL
    FSI Engines - Audi RS4 Engine Oil-Related Deposits PICS EXTERNAL
    RS4 B7 Carbon Buildup CONCERN EXTERNAL
    Update on carbon cleaning.... EXPERIENCE EXTERNAL
    My RS4 Carbon Build-up Story PICS
    RS4 Supercharger Project Has Started Pics PICS
    RS4 carbon cleaning finished !!!!!!! EXPERIENCE PICS
    RS4 Piston Damage from Carbon Build-up PICS
    RS4 : to prevent carbon build up, i think this product will work. CONCERN
    RS4 inspected by AOA for CB EXPERIENCE
    my RS4 needs help CONCERN
    Throwin' Codes at 9900 miles - 2008 RS4 EXPERIENCE
    Thinking of buying an RSs4. Does it have carbon problems CONCERN
    B6 S4 paid off... 20K to put down on used Rs4 with lower miles.. Cant do it! CONCERN
    My RS4 dyno numbers... PICS

    RS4 scorecard:
    Jalas - Cleaned 40k miles, 1/3/2010 - difference
    2manytoys - Cleaned 28k miles, 12/27/2009 - difference
    Hockeyman11385 - Cleaned 25k miles, 2007 RS4 - difference
    MrPerfect - Cleaned 23k miles, 03/07/2010, 2007 RS4 - +24WHP, smoother revs
    zzzzzeke - Cleaned 30k miles, 06/25/2010, 2007 RS4 - +22WHP, quicker revs

    Audi FSI Engine Carbon Build-up Megathread:
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