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    Machined vs Painted Wheels

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    Looking for some summer wheels for an A5. Wonder about the durability of painted/clear coated wheels vs machined wheels. Is it just best to stay away from painted wheels because of chips? Thoughts?

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    Re: Machined vs Painted Wheels

    My belief has always been that bare metal that's finished/protected properly will always look better/more durable than paint. Unless you want a specific colour that are non-metallic in nature.
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    Re: Machined vs Painted Wheels

    I personally think that Painted wheels will hold up better against snow, salt and grime since they're clearcoated. Machined wheels can tarnish and get pitted easier I think.

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    Re: Machined vs Painted Wheels

    Painted wheels typically have 2-3 layers of paint with a clearcoat on top, machined face wheels have only a clearcoat over the machined surface to prevent corrosion.
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