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    snow tire life expectancy

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    with the caveat that you can't really make generalizations about a number of different tires, driving styles, road conditions, etc... , how many miles can you expect to get out of a snow tire?

    and when do you know the tire is no longer is effective as a snow tire (besides ending up off the road in a snowbank)?


    p.s. maybe we should have a snow tire seasonal sticky. that time of the year and I have so many questions.

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    Re: snow tire life expectancy

    Snow takes roughly twice the tread depth as rain.

    I usually get 3 seasons out of them which includes plenty of driving on clean highways. The more snow you have the longer they will last. Warm temps and dry roads and what wear them out.

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    Re: snow tire life expectancy

    3 winters is a good general life expectancy for most people, the key is to get them off the car when temps are consistently in the 50's (F).

    Many tires feature Winter Wear Indicators (also called Snow Platforms @ 6/32")) to identify that a tire's tread depth remains suitable for beneficial snow performance.

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