Not bringing up a new topic here as I know this has been discussed ad nauseam; but rather I'd like to get a semi-official poll of those experiencing this problem so I can represent this to Audi corporate. Some of you may have seen my regional thread about the issues in resolving this with my local dealer, and after a conversation with Audi corporate (customer service) it seems like they aren't aware of this being a true "problem" - since they seemingly have no record of complaints. The challenge too that I'm facing is that the Audi "tech line" has no actionable solution to the starter issues; i.e. if no fault is shown, starter is deemed fine. Audi Service - officially it seems - will not "proactively" check to see if the starter is needing replacement, even if the car has problems starting.

To sum up fairly quickly what I'm being put through, have a CPO car that has problems starting. First visit to dealer, was told to "press the clutch pedal down firmly when starting" (thanks, somehow I appeared to be doing this fine during the first 8 months of car ownership). Second visit to dealer (which required a tow), clutch switch was fixed. Third visit to dealer is today; another required tow.

Moreso than venting my frustration, I'd like to help future owners by not having to go through this. It's been a huge waste of time for me and my wife (the primary driver of the car). Any other advice is welcome at this point; several others in the NorCal section have assisted greatly already (thanks, Dan).

P.S. I'm no mechanic; it's of course possible that the starter isn't at fault here, but according to the dealership, everything else (i.e. battery, spark plugs) checks out OK.