I bought a B7 S4 recently. The car has 70k on it but you'd never no it based on how it drives or looks. I flew out to AZ to drive it home. About 200 miles out of AZ the car popped a light for low oil. I stopped at a autoparts store and picked up some oil. The dipstick was at the minimum line and after adding 2 quarts it brought it up to full. I was steaming mad at that point but comforted a little bit because I could bring it in for service when I got home. Car was perfect the rest of the way home. I checked the oil regularly and it seemed like it might have moved down slightly but not enough to warrant any more oil. Trip was about 1700 miles and I averaged 23.5mpg which I was very happy with. If it is burning oil I'm not sure when it happens. The car doesn't smoke at startup or while running that I can tell. It runs perfectly. I did add another quart a few days ago because it was below the half way point on the stick. The extended warranty should transfer over in about a week finally so I'll bring it in for service shortly. What is normal for oil consumption on these motors? Based on my experience it looks like it has gone down about 1.5 quarts after 2k+ miles. I'd look into it more on my own because I do work on cars quite a bit but if the warranty will cover it I'd rather do that for now.