Aright, I have waited forever to post this to try and figure out the issue on my own but to no avail. I posted a little while ago how I think my oil level sensor is faulty, now I am not so sure but it still could potentially be this.

Almost everytime I drive the car now the low oil light comes on. Now if I was burning 1 quart of oil every 30 miles, the thing would be smoking like the great Chicago Fire. There is no smoke, and I have carbon deposits on my exhausts tips but no oil residue (and there isnt an overwhelming amount of deposits). Also, if I had serious piston ring or cylinder wall scaring issues, I think I would experience a large loss of power but I havent had that happen. THe car feels stronger than ever. Coolant color looks fine and no instance of oil in there. No leaks that I can see either. Im baffled.

I am going to change my oil today and take a sample to see if I can determine anything from that. Every time I park the car I check the oil. Sometimes its right in the middle sometimes its lower- Its the weirdest damn thing.