i purchased my car 3 month ago with 58,xxx miles. before i bought it i read that these cars tend to drink oil and eat spark plugs.... upon purchasing the car the previous owner brought it to the dealer for a full check up and 60k service which changed plugs, filter, and an oil.. the dealer gave it a look down faxed me over the service report and informed me that everything else was in perfect shape..

details of my driving i use the car daily and i must admit i do have a pretty heavy foot and drive the car quickly.. ex. i tend to take off from lights quick, highway driving is always at an avg. speed of 80-90 mph..

the problem i change the oil in every car that i have owned every 5k miles.. however, this car seems to be more temperamental. after the day of purchase i have sense put 6,000 miles on the car. before my first oil change my low oil light came on during a drive from new brunswick, nj to lbi.. this drive is roughly 75-100 miles.. i was about 4,000 miles shy before my first oil change and this warning magically popped on.. i bought a quart and put it in the car and did the oil change a day later..

since my last oil change i check the dip stick regularly.. i usually do it every 15 minutes after i turn the car off or fill it up at a gas station. during these regular checks i noticed that my oil seems to be low yet again.. the light is not on yet. just visually it appears low.. thier is no stains on my drive way were i park each night.. when i did my oil change on the lift i took off the pan i checked all over the car and thier was no sign of oil leakage anywhere everything was bone dry..

the questioni did read the car has a oil problem but does this one seem to be a little crazy? is there something wrong with the engine that it just eats oil? or could i be checking the dip stick at the wrong time? any advice that anyone has is greatly appreciated!!

Sorry for the bad grammer and incorrect spelling.. i am a very bad typer appologise in advance